A free card program operating since 1991, the Seniors Card program acknowledges and celebrates the contribution seniors have made and continue to make to our communities and the State of Victoria. The program encourages older people to keep active and engaged in the community by providing incentives and making it more affordable to get out and about.

If you are aged over 60 and working less than 35 hours per week in paid employment or fully retired, and a permanent resident of Australia, residing in Victoria you can apply for a Seniors Card free of charge. Seniors working more than 35 hours per week can apply for the Seniors Business Discount Card also free of charge.

Seniors Card and Seniors Business Discount Card holders can take advantage of discounts on goods and services from more than 4,000 Seniors Card businesses.  Carer Card holders can also enjoy Seniors Card discounts by showing their card at participating businesses. 

Look for the 'Seniors Card Welcome Here' logo or ask for Seniors Card discounts when you're out and about.

If you're a Seniors Card holder, you're also eligible for free or concession public transport. Learn about the difference between Seniors Card and Seniors Business Discount Card by reading the Seniors Card program FAQs.