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Recognising and celebrating Victorian seniors who contribute to their community through volunteering

The Victorian Senior of the Year Awards are our chance to celebrate the many senior Victorians who share their skills, experience, time, and energy with our community. The awards are presented annually each October as part of the Victorian Seniors Festival.

Do you know an older Victorian making a difference in your community?

This could be a leader who inspires others, a behind-the-scenes organiser, or a person who does hands-on work to deliver services that benefit their community.

Nominations have now closed for the 2023 Awards.

    Award categories

    The categories are:

    • Premier’s Award for Victorian Senior of the Year for an outstanding contribution by an individual to their local community and Victoria.
    • Promotion of Multiculturalism Award to an individual for a significant contribution to promoting the benefits of cultural diversity in their local community or in the broader community.
    • Healthy and Active Living Award to an individual for helping to create active and healthy communities through community involvement and as a role model.
    • Veteran Community Award to an individual for an exceptional contribution to the veteran community. The recipient of the award does not need to be a veteran.
    • Ageing Well Award to an individual who has worked to combat ageism, promote social justice and engaged with their community to support ageing well initiatives.
    • Council on the Ageing (COTA) Victoria Senior Achiever Awards to up to 15 individuals for significant contributions to local communities and Victoria.

    Eligibility and selection criteria

    Senior of the Year Awards nominees must be an Australian citizen, a resident of Victoria and aged 60 years or over. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians aged 50 years or over are eligible for nomination.

    Nominees will be assessed on their volunteer contribution and achievements since reaching the qualifying age.

    Nominees are assessed on these selection criteria:

    • how they make a difference to community wellbeing through volunteering
    • their good standing in the community
    • how their positive attitude to ageing inspires others.

    Please note nominees will be considered for all award categories as part of the selection process.

    Reviewed 10 August 2023