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Residential care

Discover your residential care options including respite and retirement villages


Find out about the various residential care options available, including:

  • Respite
  • Retirement villages
  • Supported Residential Services
  • Residential aged care services

If you feel that you would be better supported in an aged care home there are a range of options available either on a permanent or occasional basis. These homes can offer accommodation, support services, social opportunities and medical support.

There are many different types of residential services.

Respite (short-stays)

If you need a break from home to recuperate or get some rest, short-term residential care stays are possible. This option can help you regain your health before you return home. Residential respite services are available across Victoria.

Accessing respite services

To find out more about short stays in an aged care home, please visit the My Aged Care websiteExternal Link for information about costs, eligibility and to arrange and assessment.

Retirement villages

Retirement Villages offer a private accommodation option with services and social opportunities included in the village's community.

Retirement villages can suit people who want to maintain their independence but want readily available supports.

Supported Residential Services

Supported Residential Services (SRS) offer support and care in an informal residential setting. These services are privately owned and charge varying fees depending on the service provided. SRS provide residences for a variety of people, including older people.

SRS operate under State Government regulations.

Who are SRS for?

SRS provide accommodation and support for people - such as older people or people with a disability.

SRS vary in the services they provide, the people they accommodate, and the fees they charge. Other points to remember are:

  • SRS are privately operated services.
  • SRS do not receive government funding but must be registered with the State Government.
  • They are monitored to ensure they provide certain standards of personal support and accommodation.

For more information on SRS visit the Supported Residential Services websiteExternal Link .

Residential aged care services

Aged care homes offer residential options that can support your care needs - whether your care needs are low (e.g daily tasks and personal care) or high level (24-hour nursing care).

  • Low level care homes, formerly known as hostels, generally provide accommodation and personal care and occasional nursing care.
  • High level care homes, previously known as nursing homes, care for people with a greater degree of frailty, who often need continuous nursing care.

Accessing residential aged care services

Residential aged care homes are funded and overseen by the Commonwealth Government. You are required to have an assessment to determine your eligibility.

What about aged care complaints?

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner's websiteExternal Link has information about how to make a complaint, your rights and resources to assist you.

Reviewed 25 July 2023