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Using your myki

Tips on using your myki for Victorian Seniors Card holders

myki is your ticket to travel on Melbourne’s public transport network, and throughout much of Victoria.

If you hold a Victorian Seniors Card, you receive a free seniors myki card. This gives you weekday concession fares on trains, trams and buses. It also entitles you to free travel on Saturdays and Sundays in two consecutive zones (for example, Zones 1 and 2).

If you travel occasionally, top up with myki money to pay as you go. Alternatively, if you travel everyday, a myki pass could help you save. You can buy a pass for 7 days, or anywhere between 28-365 consecutive days of travel.

Topping up your myki

Top up your myki card at PTV Hubs, myki retail outlets, train station ticket offices, onboard buses ($20 maximum), or myki machines at train stations and premium tram and bus stops.

To find where’s closest to you, visit Topping up your mykiExternal Link .

If planning ahead, top up at Link or call 1800 800 007. Allow up to 7 days for delivery of a new myki card and 24 hours for online top ups.

Travelling with myki

At the start of your journey touch on at a myki reader. You’ll find these at train stations or on board a tram or bus. Hold your myki still until you hear a beep.

As you get off the bus or exit the train station, touch off at the myki reader in the same way. You only need to touch off on trams if your whole trip is in Zone 2.

Tips for travel

  • Register your myki to manage your account online, set-up auto top up this and protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen. Just visit Link or call 1800 800 007.
  • A myki card expires after four years but you can replace it for free and have the balance transferred. Check when your myki expires at a myki machine, or in your online account after registering.
  • You can travel for free on trams around much of Melbourne’s city centre. If you’re travelling on a tram completely in the Free Tram ZoneExternal Link , you don’t need to touch on. If your journey starts or ends outside the zone, remember to touch on to have a valid ticket.
  • To read more, visit public transport benefits and Seniors Card program FAQs.

Reviewed 02 March 2023