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Travelling in New Zealand

Use your card to get discounts when you travel to New Zealand


  • Card holders can use their card in New Zealand to get access to New Zealand SuperGold discounts.
  • Travellers from New Zealand can check the Discount directory to see if their SuperGold card will be accepted in Victoria.

Travelling in New Zealand?

Thanks to an agreement with the New Zealand Government, you can now also use your card in New Zealand to access discounts from participating New Zealand SuperGoldExternal Link businesses.

This is the New Zealand equivalent of the Victorian Seniors Card program.

Details of Participating Businesses that accept Victorian card holders available on the New Zealand SuperGold websiteExternal Link , or by calling 0800 25 45 65 when in New Zealand.

Note: The agreement does not extend to seniors public transport concessions in either country.

Are you a New Zealand SuperGold card holder visiting Victoria?

If you are a New Zealander using your SuperGold card in Victoria, it's easy!

New Zealeand Super Gold Card

Just search the online Discount Directory tick Interstate and International Seniors Card welcome to find businesses that welcome SuperGold card holders.

Present your SuperGold card prior to purchase at the participating business to receive your discount.

Remember: The arrangement between Victoria and New Zealand does not include public transport benefits available to Victorian Seniors Card holders.

Reviewed 06 February 2024