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Become a volunteer next year

Lady facing the front with people behind her collecting rubbish

For many people, the start of a new year is the ideal time to set goals and plan for the future. Whether you are working, newly retired or semi-retired, sharing your skills, energy and experience with your community can be rewarding, exciting and fun. Volunteering is also a great way to stay active and build new connections and friendships.

Get started

There are so many different ways to volunteer these days – in person, online, for a day or a few hours, the options are endless. Start your search by thinking about:

  • What you enjoy doing
  • What skills or interests you would like to share
  • How much time you would like to contribute e.g. would you like to volunteer regularly or from time to time
  • Where you would like to volunteer – close to home or virtually/online.

Search for opportunities

There are some fantastic websites to search for or browse volunteering opportunities:

Many local councils also engage volunteers to assist the local community. Find your local council using the Know Your Council websiteExternal Link .

Be inspired

The Victorian Senior of the Year Awards recognise the community contributions of older Victorians, many who are committed volunteers.

Learn more about volunteering.

Reviewed 18 December 2023