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Using co-design methodology to strengthen seniors participation at City of Maribyrnong

Using co-design methodology to strengthen seniors participation

This project surveyed older people to understand their needs and aspirations for lifestyle and community wellbeing. The project actively engaged with socially isolated older people, particularly those who might not use regular programs and services were consulted, to find out what activities they would like to see in their local area.

Working with local community leaders, the project examined gaps in opportunities and barriers to access. The project leadership group then identified five short-term prototypes for delivery during the Victorian Seniors Festival.

This project:

  • developed a model for engaging with older people to co-design service activities
  • provided opportunities for older people to tell agencies what they would like to see
  • increased the civic participation of older people within the City of Maribyrnong
  • provided vibrant intergenerational and intercultural activities that older people want to be a part of
  • created clear, measurable and sustainable outcomes for older people.
  • During the consultation and prototype stages of the project lessons included:
  • 78 per cent of participants wanted to feel more connected to people and activities in their community. While more than 80 per cent had lived in the area for 10 or more years, only a small proportion felt strongly or very strongly attached to their community
  • transport was a common concern. Leading to consideration of providing a community bus, volunteer driver service, improved access to public transport, or information on parking options
  • affordability was a key factor. Therefore undertaking cheaper activities that involve less infrastructure, equipment or paid staff time would be beneficial
  • that older people desire contemporary, future-oriented services, opportunities and support programs
  • it is important to provide engagement and participation for seniors and involve older people in project design and decision making.

Project Leadership Group

  • Clem Gillings, Director Community Services, City of Maribyrnong
  • Bridget Monro-Hobbs, Manager Community Development, Positive Ageing and Inclusion
  • Helen Rodd, Victoria University and West Footscray Neighbourhood House
  • Margaret O’Loughlin, Older Persons Reference Group, City of Maribyrnong
  • Greg Bourke, Complex Needs and Inner North Programs, Cohealth,
  • Michael Byrne, Manager Arts, Community Learning and Libraries, City of Maribyrnong
  • Janette Geisler, Older Adults Programs Officer, City of Maribyrnong
  • Dawn Glenn, Peer Engager and community member
  • Ben Morrissey, Positive Ageing Coordinator, City of Maribyrnong

Project contacts

Ben Morrissey

Positive Ageing Coordinator

Maribyrnong City Council

Phone: 03 9688 0434

Email: Link

Reviewed 08 April 2024