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U3A Partnership Toolkit project

Resources to help community group leaders build strong partnerships that achieve common goals.

Project overview

The Partnership Toolkit project sought to develop resources that leaders of community groups can use to plan and implement collaborative ventures that achieve community outcomes.

The toolkit is published as a formal U3A resource to support U3A organisations to form partnerships that benefit their members.

It is presented in a form that other community groups can use to establish connections and form successful collaborations.

It also includes a facilitator guide presentation in PowerPoint.

Project description

The toolkit was developed by members of U3A and the Whittlesea Community Leadership Network (WCLN) who are experienced in working with leaders of community groups to establish connections and form community collaborations.

Their goal was to provide a resource to help community participants work towards a shared vision and develop strategies to implement successful partnerships.

The project and model concept will be evaluated by RMIT University.

Project model

  • A working group was formed, consisting of the Whittlesea U3A Partnership Coordination Team and WCLN Leadership Training Program facilitators.
  • The working group reviewed the training modules, final project reports and evaluations of three projects:
    • WCLN Leadership Training Program
    • Whittlesea U3A Community Inclusiveness Model
    • Whittlesea Seniors Linkup Project.
  • A presentation outlining the benefits of the approach was provided at a U3A North Eastern regional meeting. Feedback from participants was considered in developing the toolkit.
  • When completed, the toolkit framework was presented during a two-hour session at the South West Victoria and Grampians Region U3A Regional Capacity Building workshop in November 2018.
  • The toolkit will be formally reviewed by RMIT’s Dr Debbi Long, Senior Lecturer, Global Studies, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.


Total project cost: $18,000.

Project challenges

The main project challenge was getting people to understand the benefits of working together in partnership.

All other obstacles can be overcome with perseverance and a willingness of the parties to share knowledge.

Project outcomes

The toolkit is now available for use across the state wide U3A network of 109 organisations.

Project sustainability

U3A Whittlesea is actively promoting and using the toolkit to demonstrate its value.The toolkit is being trialled in other areas, and it will likely be adapted to meet local needs.

Reviewed 08 April 2024