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Simple tips for making a nomination

Making a nomination? Here are some tips and suggestions

All Victorian Senior of the Year Award nominations are reviewed by a selection panel.

Here are some ideas to consider when you are putting together a nomination. The examples provided are a guide, not a comprehensive list. We encourage you to use them if suitable or provide different examples of your nominee’s achievements.

Volunteering or community service

  • List the organisations your nominee volunteered or worked for and the titles of their roles. For example, secretary, co-ordinator or fundraiser.
  • What work, tasks and responsibilities did they take on?
  • Did they manage or contribute to a project or event?
  • How has their work impacted members of the organisation or the community?
  • How did they encourage or support people in the organisation or community? Did they:
    • provide a service
    • run programs
    • help people to access the community
    • make a community space more enjoyable to use.

Personal circumstances

  • Does your nominee have additional personal responsibilities?
  • Do they care for grandchildren or parents?
  • Are they a carer for a child or relative with a disability?
  • Do they have a disability, or an illness that they have had to manage?

Supporting documents

Provide at least two documents highlighting your nominee’s work, achievements or standing in the community. These documents can be:

  • newspaper articles
  • Facebook stories
  • letters from work colleagues or people they have helped or provided a service to.

Reviewed 29 June 2023