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Simple tips for making a nomination

Making a nomination? Here are some ideas to consider

All submitted Victorian Senior of the Year Award nominations are carefully read and discussed by the Selection Panel.

Here are some ideas to consider when putting together a nomination. The examples below are a guide not a comprehensive list – we encourage you to use them if suitable or to describe other examples relevant to your nominee.

  1. Where has your nominee volunteered?
    1. List all the organisations your nominee has worked for and the titles of roles, if applicable.
      For example, secretary, co-ordinator, fund raiser.
  2. Outline the work the nominee has undertaken.
    1. For example, what are the tasks and responsibilities they took on?
  3. What has been the impact of their work on members of the organisation and/or the community?
    1. For example, have they encouraged or supported people in the organisation or the wider community?
    2. How has their work impacted on the community? For example have they provided a service, run programs, helping people to access the community, made a community space more enjoyable to use.
  4. Does your nominee have additional personal responsibilities in their own life?
    1. For example, do they care for grandchildren or parents.
    2. Do they have a disability or had an illness that they have to manage.
  5. Provide a minimum of two supporting documents.
    1. These documents can be newspaper articles, Facebook stories or letters that highlight their work, achievements or their standing in the community.

Reviewed 08 August 2022