What are the card types?

In the Victorian Seniors Card program, there are two types of card: the Seniors Card and the Seniors Business Discount Card. 

The Seniors Card is for people who work less than 35 hours per week in paid employment or are retired. 

Whereas the Seniors Business Discount card is for people who work for more than 35 hours per week in paid employment. 

Eligibility Victorian Seniors Card
Seniors Business Discount Card
60 years of age or over
A permanent resident of Australia, residing in Victoria
Working less than 35 hours per week in paid employment, or fully retired   ✓ Apply for Seniors Card                


Working more than 35 hours per week in paid employment
 X  ✓  Apply for Seniors Business Discount Card

Permanent resident of Australia is defined as Australian citizens and all holders of Australian Permanent Visas. Residing in Victoria means that your primary residence, at which they spend the majority of the year, is in Victoria.

For each card you can apply up to three weeks before your 60th birthday. Noting your card can take up to three weeks to arrive.

Read the program's FAQs for more information.

How can I apply for a card?

To apply for either Seniors Card or Seniors Business Discount Card, simply complete the online Application Form. Make sure you have your green Medicare Card handy to complete your application. It takes less than five minutes to complete the online form, and it is free!

Application forms for a Victorian Seniors Card are available from your local library, however applications for the Seniors Business Discount Card can only be made using the online form.

Respecting your privacy

The Seniors Card program values the privacy of personal information. To better understand how we use your personal information, please read our Privacy notice.