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Volunteering & retirement

Plan well for retirement with these helpful suggestions

Vishnu Prasad

Vishnu Prasad says volunteering brings a sincere happiness.

Whatever your reasons for changing from full-time paid work to part-time work or retirement, it is useful to plan for the transition financially, emotionally and practically.

Here are some suggestions to start you thinking:






Get creative

  • Get involved in a creative arts program, a choir or photography group. Check out the Victorian Artists Society websiteExternal Link .
  • Helping others to take up a new hobby in your area of interest, such as painting, bird watching, or tennis.

Interested in low-cost options?

Use your Seniors Card. Visit the Discount Directory for attractions and recreational activities that accept Seniors Cards.

A lot of other programs are also available for free or at low-cost. Start by visiting shopping and recreation for details.

If you are still stuck for ideas, why not chat to friends and family and get their suggestions?

Reviewed 14 December 2022