Whatever your reasons for transitioning from full-time paid work, it is useful to plan for the transition financially, emotionally and practically.

Here are some suggestions to start you thinking:

  • Volunteering, for example to support people who are homeless, or at schools.
  • Helping with childcare, either voluntarily or for a fee.
  • Caring for the long or short term for family members, friends, or neighbours.
  • Continuing your education by taking up a new subject, exploring a new field of study, or taking up classes to keep your mind healthy and active.
  • Travelling.
  • Recording the oral histories of older people.
  • Gardening, by growing your own vegetables or other plants.
  • Expressive arts, such as getting involved in a creative arts program, a choir or photography group.
  • Helping others to take up a new hobby in your area of interest, such as painting, bird watching, or tennis.

If you are still stuck for ideas, why not chat to friends and family and get their suggestions?

Interested in low-cost options?

Use your Seniors Card. Visit the Discount Directory for attractions and recreational activities that accept Seniors Cards.

A lot of other programs are also available for free or at low-cost. Start by visiting shopping and recreation for details.