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Keeping fit, healthy and active doesn’t mean hours on the treadmill, bending over backwards or dripping sweat on a stationary bike.

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Keeping fit, healthy and active doesn’t mean hours on the treadmill, bending over backwards or dripping sweat on a stationary bike.

On this page, you will find you some high energy, low impact workouts you can do in your house, your kitchen or right from where you’re reading this.

We’re lucky to have some workouts and exercises on this page designed for older people. They won't take hours, and you can turn on a session whenever you like – just come back later if you want to repeat or finish off your session. We do ask that if you have concerns about exercises, or are new to exercise please speak with a medical professional before attempting any exercise regime or workout.

Get Active Victoria

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The Victorian Government has launched Get Active Victoria, a new initiative to inspire all of us to move more, every day. You’ll find new ideas to move more around home on the Get Active Victoria websiteExternal Link - it’s free and available every day of the year.

The website is a great resource for people to get active around home at a time that works for them. Workouts are for all levels, range from 10 to 30 minutes, and minimal or no equipment is needed. Participants can choose from strength building, cardio, yoga, dance and more.There are fun activities to do with the whole family, and tips and advice to be active safely and stay motivated.

Need some inspiration - bring your family!

The website features an activity tracker to monitor how much activity you’re doing each day. If you need an extra incentive, invite your friends or family members to create a team online.

With new content added every week, don't wait to join Get Active VictoriaExternal Link and find free ways to get active.

Bill Dooley – exercise scientist and seniors workout specialist

Bill Dooley is an exercise scientist and renowned for his seniors-focused home workouts. His Growing Young Exercise ProgramExternal Link has got rave reviews and media coverageExternal Link .If you've got time to boil a kettle - you've got yourself time for one of Bill's workouts. They run from between two to 30 minutes. And that’s all you need to your improve mobility, strength or give yourself a little heart starter.

If you enjoyed Bill’s work, please visit his Youtube ChannelExternal Link that features all kinds of excellent exercises to help seniors and retirees stay strong and active.

Studio Joy – A FREE 30-minute online Bollywood dance activity

Suitable for the elderly, individuals with physical disability, those living in assisted living centres and nursing homes, and anyone old in body but young at heart!

Bollywood dance is wonderful for adding joy and movement to anyone’s life. Studio Joy has selected movements that are specific to Indian dance but also have multiple other health benefits. You can participate either sitting or standing.

The class is conducted by Studio J Dance. Joshinder, who has vast experience teaching dance to the senior community, and Jaya, who is a qualified AHPRA registered physiotherapist. Together, they are equipped with the knowledge of leading a fun and joyful class specifically catered to the elderly or those with physical restrictions.

Join the live class

Studio J Dance go live on their YouTube channelExternal Link with a new class every Wednesday morning at 11am (AEST).

For more information on Studio J Dance, visit their website Link

Stay safe while exercising

Keeping fit and sharp is great but please keep safe while working out. A safe environment to move in is essential. Review the exercises before you start, and when you do start - start slowly.
Listen to your body, especially if you’re new to some of these exercises. And always keep a phone in reach if you live alone.

The Safe Exercise at home website has some great tips and resources on exercise at home. We highly recommend taking a couple of minutes to run through their tips. Many are common sense but may be helpful before starting an exercise program.

Stay safe while you stay healthy! For more information, visit Safe Exercise at Home websiteExternal Link .

Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) in association with Sport Australia is proud to bring you 'Moving For Life'

Moving for Life has been designed to increase the physical activity levels of older Australians, through a range of easy activities and gentle exercises. It promotes healthy, active ageing and you can exercise within the comfort of your own home.

The exercises which are featured in a free at Home Resource Kit will delay frailty, maintain independent living, reduce your risk of falling, and help you to keep doing the things that are important to you, no matter what your age.

Free Home Resource Kit

For a free Home Resource Kit, call Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) on (03) 9689 9170, or email

Moving For Life - Join Us Online!

AMCS is also now offering Moving For Life online. It’s free!
Activities include Dance, Yoga, Gentle Exercise and Tai Chi.
Join the online community at : MovingForLifeAMCSExternal Link

Have a go at Tai Chi and Qigong with Celestial Tai Chi College!

With 30 years of teaching experience in Tai Chi and Qigong, gentle physical and meditative forms of exercise, we are proud of sharing the skills that promote good health, relaxation, improve memory, concentration, balance and much more in people who are curious enough or keen to have a go regardless of their age or ability. If you have never done Tai Chi or Qigong before, you are welcome to watch our online videos and join our free online classes that you can follow in the safety of your own home.

For more information, please see our website: Link

Reviewed 10 May 2024