Seniors Online has partnered with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources' Switch On website to bring you easy to follow tips and tools to help you save money on your power bills.

Hints: Saving money on your energy bills

It is surprisingly simple to make changes that help you take charge of your power bill. An average Australian household can make changes that add up to hundreds of dollars a year in savings. For example:

  • Hot water is often the biggest energy user in your house. Washing clothes in cold water can save you around $115 per year.
  • Appliances are responsible for as much as a third of your energy bill. Get rid of the second fridge and save yourself around $140 per year.
  • Switch your electric clothes dryer off and use the clothesline. Wind and sun can save you around $63 per year.
  • Standby power is the invisible enemy. Switch gaming consoles off at the wall and save around $160 per year.
  • If you choose a flexible pricing plan, shifting the time of day you use your dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer to off peak times could save you up to $160 annually.