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Tips for seniors for reducing the cost of travel


  • Find out about the transport benefits you receive as a Seniors Card holder, such as free travel vouchers and free weekend travel between two adjacent zones.
  • Cut your travel costs within and outside Victoria with the various hints and tips given below.

Your Victorian Seniors Card means you can enjoy discounted travel in Victoria and Australia-wide.

Free travel vouchers

  • Every Seniors Card holder receives free off-peak travel vouchers to use on public transport in Victoria.
  • Register for your free vouchers at the PTV website Link
  • Each voucher can be exchanged for either: a V/Line off-peak daily ticket (going out and back on the same day); two V/Line off-peak single tickets (going out on one day and back on another); a 1 Day Travel Pass for travel in Zones 1 and 2.

From 1 November 2022, the Department of Transport is introducing more booking options to make it easier to redeem your free travel and visiting a station during opening hours to redeem your voucher for a ticket is no longer the only option.

  • From 1 November 2022 Vouchers will be held electronically so you can choose to redeem vouchers at a staffed station or V/Line agent, or over the phone via the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) call centre.
  • You can choose to collect your ticket from a station or agent prior to travel or call 10 business days in advance and have your ticket posted to you.
  • And in 2023, you will also be able to redeem your vouchers online.
  • Phone 1800 800 007 or visit the PTV website Link for more information or to make V/Line reservations. V/Line tickets are subject to availability at off-peak times.

Metropolitan travel

  • With a seniors myki you travel free on the weekend within one or two consecutive zones on all metropolitan trains, trams and buses – this includes to outlying metropolitan areas as far as Sunbury and Melton.
  • During the week, you can still access discounted rates at all times on all routes with your seniors myki.
  • If you take a trip in non-consecutive zones, or a trip of more than two zones, a fare for the whole trip will be charged.

Consider travelling by public transport in off-peak periods. It's less crowded and you still get a great discount with your Seniors Card.

Travel in regional Victoria

  • Travel free on the weekends on V/Line commuter rail services when using myki for trips of one or two consecutive zones (for example, Woodend to Gisborne).
  • At other times, V/Line offers concession rates for Seniors Card holders through regional Victoria.
  • Take advantage of off-peak rates during quieter times.
  • Phone 1800 800 007 for more information or to pre-book tickets.
  • The V/Line website lists all its fares and routes Link .
  • You can also travel free on regional town bus networks over the weekend in major regional cities such as Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Mildura and Warrnambool. On regional town buses where myki is not operating, show your Victorian Seniors Card to travel free on weekends.

Using myki

Myki works like an electronic purse for public transport. You have to top up the card’s balance whenever it runs low on funds.

The seniors myki offers discounted rates at all times on all routes. You pay no more than the seniors daily cap (zones 1 & 2) when you travel on weekdays.

How do I get a seniors myki?

New Seniors Card program applicants receive a seniors myki for free with their Seniors Card posted with a Welcome pack.

Seniors Business Discount Card holders are not eligible to receive a free Seniors myki card upon joining the program.

Once you have your seniors myki, you should register it. There are many benefits to registering your myki, including free card replacement card if it's lost or stolen. For more information on how to register, visit the Public Transport Victoria websiteExternal Link

And you can top it up at:

Remember - it's a condition that you carry your Seniors Card at all times when travelling on public transport as proof of your concession entitlement.

Replacement myki

Like many other cards, myki cards do expire, so keep track of your card’s expiry date. If your myki is registered and you have an online account – find your card expiry date online. If your myki is not registered, check the expiry date at a myki machine, myki check, or by calling 1800 800 007.

Even if you're travelling for free on the weekend, on myki-enabled services you must touch on and off as normal - you won't be charged.

Support for people with a disability or health issues

  • All metropolitan trains are wheelchair accessible and low-floor trams and buses are available on some routes. Most V/Line trains and coaches can be accessed by wheelchairs. More information on accessible transport is available from PTV on 1800 800 007 or Link .
  • Travellers Aid Australia provides simple, practical travel-related support and aid that helps people travel independently and confidently. This support includes buggy and personal guidance services at Southern Cross Station, help getting to medical appointments in central Melbourne and mobility equipment hire. Centres are available at Flinders Street station (9610 2030) and Southern Cross station (9670 2072) or visit Link .
  • Most V/Line trains and coaches can be accessed by wheelchair. Reservations are required for wheelchairs on V/Line coach services. Phone 1800 800 007 at least 24 hours before you travel to reserve a place.
  • Victorians with severe and permanent disabilities who cannot access public transport independently may be eligible to join the Multi Purpose Taxi Program – a Victorian Government program that offers its members a 50 per cent subsidy on taxi fares of up to $60 per trip. Contact the Taxi Services Commission on 1800 638 802, or visit Link for more information.

Other ways to cut your travel costs

  • Car pool with a neighbour or friend when driving to the shops or running errands.
  • The free City Circle tram service in the CBD takes in major tourist attractions, and links with other tram, train and bus routes in and around Melbourne. Trams run in both directions every 12 minutes between 10am and 6pm Sunday to Wednesday and extended hours, 10am to 9pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday (excludes Christmas Day and Good Friday). Contact Yarra Trams 1800 800 007 or visit Link to find out more.
  • Cars can be expensive to maintain and keep on the road. If you’ve got easy access to public transport, why not sell your car?
  • Many councils offer free or heavily discounted travel services (such as bus or shuttle services) to older residents. Contact your local council to find out what you are entitled to access.

Car not running well? Ask your local servo what discounts they offer before you purchase. Or visit Seniors Online to find discount auto services in your area. Visit the Discount Directory and scroll down to the 'Automotive Care' category.

You can even get a Seniors Card discount when washing your car.
- Bill

Travelling outside of Victoria

  • Take advantage of discounts from interstate Seniors Card participating businesses when you travel.
  • Commonwealth offers to state and territory governments to provide reciprocal transport concessions for state seniors card holders will be withdrawn. While Victoria government at this stage will be continuing to provide interstate seniors with Victorian transport concessions, it is not clear whether other states will continue to do so. Please contact Seniors Card programs in each state and territory for information in this regard.
  • You can use your Victorian Seniors Card with New Zealand retailers and traders. Visit the New Zealand SuperGold website at www.supergold.govt.nzExternal Link or call 0800 25 45 65 when in New Zealand.
  • Take your Seniors Card when you travel overseas. Some overseas businesses will provide you with goodwill discounts if you ask.
  • Check out the Link website for useful travel information and advice.

We have used out Seniors Card when travelling at motels and other accommodation. We have always received a great discount.
- Bill

Other money-saving travel tips

  • Check if your travel company offers discounts to Seniors Card holders.
  • Travelling outside school holidays is always cheaper and travelling late at night or taking a longer route can be cheaper too – especially with flights. Consider going during the week instead of on the weekend or taking flights with stopovers.
  • ‘Shoulder season’ – the time just before or after the peak holiday season – is a cheaper time to travel. The weather is still generally good in destination cities and there are fewer tourists.
  • On most budget airlines you can avoid a baggage fee by only travelling with carry-on luggage.
  • Cruise and tour companies often offer discounted rates close to the departure date. Try searching online for ‘cruises’ and ‘last-minute’ or ‘discount’.

Take a low-cost holiday with family or friends in regional Victoria or Melbourne by using your free travel vouchers and staying somewhere that offers a Seniors Card Discount. If you're on Seniors Online, choose the 'Accommodation' category in the Discount Directory.

Reviewed 01 March 2023