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Tips on talking to seniors

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Need to know

  • There are many simple things, such as setting minimum font sizes, that you can do to improve your reach to seniors.
  • Go to marketing opportunities to learn more about how you can connect with seniors in the program
  • Submit a discount to join the Victorian Seniors Card program as a participating business

Some ways your business can improve its communication with seniors are:

  • Set font at a minimum 12 point type where possible.
  • Use typefaces like Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Ensure margins are flush left and ragged right. This is easier to read than fully justified text.
  • Use images of people of different age groups, and images that reflect cultural diversity.
  • Avoid printing text over the top of photographs or graphics.
  • Check your contrast. Avoid yellow, blue and green in close proximity and avoid patterned backgrounds.
  • Use dark fonts against light backgrounds.
  • Break long text into shorter sections.

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Reviewed 06 February 2024

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