Discounts are 10% or greater.

If you have not registered to become a Seniors Card participating business you can register by filling out this application form. Any Victorian business or service with a sound reputation and with an Australian Business Number (ABN) can join the program. There are no fees. Simply provide a discount or benefit to Card holders.

By participating in the Victorian Seniors Card program, your business can reach over 1 million Victorian Seniors Card holders and 25,000 Carer Card holders. Your reach has the potential to go even further as most discounts are also offered to the 3.2 million Seniors Card holders Australia-wide. 

How to join?

Joining the Seniors Card program is free! Complete the online form, providing your business details and discount offer.

Once approved your listing will appear online within five weeks.

For more information, or for assistance with filling out this form, phone 1300 797 210 or email