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Top tips to attract birds to your garden

This Spring spruce up your garden and see what birds you can attract with these top tips

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Plants in our backyard can provide food, shelter and nesting areas for birds - so why not make a friendly home for urban birds in your area with these top tips.

1. Check what plants you already have

How are birds using them, when are they using them, what are they providing to birds during the different seasons?

2. Choose native plants

Grow plants that suit your local environment. Check in with your local library for free seeds and enjoy what grows naturally in your area.

3. Choose for variety

When selecting plants you don’t want a flush of flowering and then nothing for the rest of the year. Instead you want to have different plants flowering/fruiting/seeding throughout the year so there is always something happening.

Planting a mix of plants that provide these different resources in different seasons will encourage birds to visit throughout the year.

Consider insects, fruit, nuts and seeds and nectar.

4. Plant habitats

Consider creating habitats with layers and consider the height that things will grow. Mix plants and reduce your lawn - use native grasses instead.

Remember water and include a bird bath, hollowed boulder or garden pond.

5. Prepare your garden

Consider the soil and mulch to make sure your native plants will thrive.

6. Care for your garden.

Remember to weed, mulch leaf debris back into the garden and lay off the chemicals.

This story was first published on Birdlife Australia website.External Link

Reviewed 09 November 2023