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Get hooked on a new hobby with Fishcare Victoria

Fishcare Victoria, a not-for-profit group supporting participation in sustainable recreational fishing, is looking for volunteers.


Fishing is a popular recreational pursuit in Australia. Many people enjoy fishing as a way to take time out to relax, enjoy nature, stay active and connect with others. Fishcare Victoria, a not-for-profit group supporting participation in sustainable recreational fishing, is looking for new volunteers.

About Fishcare Victoria

Fishcare Victoria has been operating in Victoria since 1995. Fishcare Victoria saw the need for education about protecting Victorian fisheries and environmental stewardship. Since its establishment, Fishcare Victoria has welcomed many experienced anglers and community members to help spread awareness of responsible fishing practices and grown to cover six regions across the state. Each year, Fishcare Victoria delivers approximately 250 educational clinics and engages with over 3,000 people each year.

Two volunteers, Roger and Eric stand next to their fishing trailer

Volunteers of Fishcare Victoria, Roger Seddon and Eric Hull, have been working on restoring the trailers that transport rods and gear for the Melbourne and Geelong regions with the help of fellow volunteers Wayne Taylor and David Egan.

Since joining three years ago, Roger has volunteered to deliver Reclink fishing clinics at St Helens, school incursions in the Geelong area and has helped to refurbish Fishcare Victoria’s trailers. As a veteran with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Roger has enjoyed staying active through Fishcare Victoria’s projects which give him a focus and keep his mind clear.

Eric joined a year ago and has been working on the trailers, rod holders, knots and rigs. Eric has enjoyed the opportunity to learn from others, exchange ideas and share the his knowledge of fishing built over the years.

Get involved

Fishcare Victoria is seeking new volunteers to join the family and warmly welcomes anyone interested in environmental stewardship, fisheries management, education, compliance, working with schools, local community and assisting with the committee. To find out more about Fishcare, visit: Link .

To register your interest in volunteering with Fishcare, go to: Link .

More information

Seniors Card holders and people aged 70 and over do not have to buy a recreational fishing licence, as they are exempt. More information is available on the DFFH recreational fishing licence page Department of Families, Fairness and Housing – Concessions and benefits: Recreational fishing licencesExternal Link .

Reviewed 25 January 2024