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Exciting new season of Move It or Lose It

Move It or Lose It is a daily exercise program that features movement based activities, filmed in a variety of languages in Melbourne's great outdoors.


Move It or Lose It is a daily exercise program that features different exercises in each program including tai chi, chair-based exercises, weights, stretching, low-impact aerobics as well as relaxation and breathing techniques.

The program aims to improve fitness, flexibility and endurance; build strength and balance; and increase circulation and coordination.

This season, Channel 31 will also be airing new episodes available in a variety of languages, all with English subtitles, making the programs even more accessible for multicultural audiences.

The new season has been mostly recorded outdoors so viewers can experience the outdoors and appreciate Melbourne’s beautiful gardens and parks.

Enjoy daily gentle exercise from the comfort of home.

You can watch on your television on Channel 31 every week-day morning at 8.30 or every week-day afternoon at 3pm for a brand new class.

If you miss an episode, you can catch up by heading to Link or the Move It Or Lose It YouTube channelExternal Link .

All made possible through the fantastic support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation and the Victorian Government.

Reviewed 27 July 2023