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Alert: Seniors Cards are free on Seniors Online

Always use Seniors Online to apply for a card, replace a card and update your details.


Be aware of unauthorised websites who charge you money for a free service.

From time to time, private companies seeking to profit from unknowing people set up websites to charge people a fee to apply for a Victorian Seniors Card.

These companies advertise using key words so they appear at the top of search engine searches.

They gather your details and enter them into the Seniors Online forms, and charge you a fee to do so. These organisations are not affiliated with the Victorian Seniors Card program in any way and may use your details for future scams.

Keep your money in your pocket – the Seniors Card is free

If you have paid for a Victorian Seniors Card and provided any form of idenitification to these fake websites:

Always use the Seniors Card forms:

  • Apply for a Card – apply for your Seniors Card, more information about the types of cards
  • Manage your details – use this form to update your details, replace or cancel a Seniors Card

If you need support to apply for a Seniors Card:

  • Ask a trusted family member or friend to help you to apply online
  • Visit your local library to see if they can assist you
  • Call the Victorian Seniors Card program on 1300 797 210 Monday to Friday between 9.00am to 2.00pm (excluding public holidays)

Reviewed 26 February 2024