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Victorian Seniors Card program information video - Mandarin

This is a Seniors Card, and has many benefits and discounts.

The purpose of the Seniors Card is to encourage older people to keep active and engaged in the community, making it more affordable for seniors to get out and about.

To be eligible for a Seniors Card in Victoria you must be 60 years of age or older, however you can apply for a card up to four weeks before you turn 60.

You must be a permanent resident of Australia residing in Victoria

There are two different cards

If you work less than 35 hours per week you can apply for a Seniors Card.

If you work 35 hours per week or more you can apply for a Seniors Business Discount card.

Visit the website Seniors Online

To apply online you will need to have your Medicare card with you.

It takes five minutes and the Seniors Card is free.

Application forms are also available at your local library, and they can assist you with the online form.

Seniors Card holders and Seniors Business Discount Card holders can take advantage of discounts on goods and services from thousands of Seniors Card businesses.

For Seniors Card holders  - a free Seniors myki card when you join the program with discounts on public transport

The benefits include:

Discounts on thousands of businesses including restaurants.

Discounts at many attractions such as the Melbourne Zoo.

Discount museum entry.

Discounts on movie tickets.

Look for the 'Seniors Card Welcome Here' logo or ask for Seniors Card discounts when you're out and about.

Apply online so you can start getting the benefits of a Seniors Card today.

Reviewed 14 December 2022