What is a Neighbourhood House?

Neighbourhood Houses provide a place for people together to come together to learn in, and contribute to their local community through social, educational, recreational and support activities, using a unique community development approach.

There are around 400 Neighbourhood Houses across Victoria. They may have different names, As they respond to locally identified needs and priorities, the program at a Neighbourhood Houses in metropolitan Melbourne is likely to be quite different from what's on offer in remote, rural Victoria.

Some of names include: Neighbourhood House; Community House; Learning Centre; Living and Learning Centre; Neighbourhood Centre; and Community Centre.

Holden Street Neighbourhood House

What happens at a Neighbourhood House?

Most Neighbourhood Houses are governed by volunteer committees and run by paid staff, others managed by local government or other organisations. Some provide quality, affordable childcare. Most can provide pre-accredited adult education courses and some are Registered Training Organisations that offer certificate and diploma courses. All offer opportunities to participate, learn, volunteer and get to know your community.

How much does it cost to participate?

Activities are generally run at low or no cost to participants. Among the most common include health and wellbeing activities; Art and craft; Computer training / digital literacy; Community events; Community lunches / Social eating groups; Self help and support groups; Seniors' groups; Life skills education; Playgroups; Internet access; English as a Second Language classes.

Three ladies from the Holden Street Neighbourhood House Team at the open air movie night.

Where are the Neighbourhood houses located?

To find a house near you search the Neighbourhood House Victoria website via www.nhvic.org.au/searchdirectory

How do you find out more?

Visit the Neighbourhood Houses Victoria website.

Holden Street Neighbourhood House

Holden Street Neighbourhood House is a friendly, welcoming community space in the heart of North Fitzroy.


The Holden Street Neighbourhood House is located in North Fitzroy. At the House they embrace the spirit of the local area and are managed by a voluntary Committee of Governance elected by the community. They are a wholly not for profit organisation.

Holden Street Neighbourhood House values being an accessible, safe, welcoming and approachable environment. Whilst the House is busy and vibrant place, we make time for people and are interested in their individual needs and issues.

They offer free internet access twice a week, as well as art classes, games nights and computer skill classes.