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Get involved in cricket!

If you’ve played cricket previously and have found that the 20 and 30 year old’s are now bowling a bit too fast, or hitting your once unplayable bowling out of the ground, then a solution is to continue your stellar career – against players of your own age!

The corridor of uncertainty

A solution as to whether to leave or play the ball has been to join Over 60's cricket!

The experience of many a cricket player as they turn 40 or 50, after playing senior cricket at a high level for decades, in joining Veterans Cricket has meant that their bowling and batting is competitive again. They are enjoying the camaraderie of team mates of their own age.

Veterans Cricket is the perfect way to continue or even begin your cricket journey as the teams are graded according to ability.

The Veterans Cricket competitions are growing across the country and allow men and women the opportunity to participate in a variety of age groups.

Providing both mental and physical health benefits, staying involved in cricket also allows players to retain that competitive edge in a social setting.

Players are able to represent their club or region (in the absence of a club) in local competitions against players of their own age in a social, welcoming and inclusive environment.

Representative Pathway

In addition to local competition, players can participate in a number of statewide competitions and carnivals that take place across the country.

The Veterans Cricket pathway also provides the opportunity for players to represent their State or Terri.tory at National Championships for each of the Men’s Over 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as Women’s Over 40’s age groups. In addition there are Australian teams selected to play in World Veterans' Championships and International Series.

Contact for you nearest veterans' club.

For more information visit the Veterans Cricket Victoria websiteExternal Link .

Reviewed 21 September 2023