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United Petroleum

Save 4c per litre with a United fuel discount card, co-branded with VIC Seniors Card and Carer Card.
  1. You must be an eligible VIC Seniors Card, Seniors Business Discount Card or Carer Card holders to apply for this fuel discount card.
  2. The fuel saving offered through this fuel discount card will be no greater than 4 cents per litre off the advertised price of fuel at participating United service stations.
  3. To receive the fuel saving off the advertised price of fuel, you must produce at the time of purchase of fuel at a participating United service station, a valid United fuel discount card, cobranded with VIC Seniors Card and Carer Card, issued by United Petroleum.
  4. You can only obtain a fuel discount using the United fuel discount card, cobranded with VIC Seniors Card and Carer Card, once per day.
  5. The fuel discount is valid for a purchase to a maximum is 150 litres in any one single transaction.
  6. You can only be a member of one fuel discount card program offered by United Petroleum.
  7. The fuel discount is not valid in conjunction with Fleet Card, United Card, Motorcharge, Motorpass or Gift Card purchases or in conjunction with any other fuel offers or discounts unless specified otherwise.
  8. United may change the conditions of the fuel discount offer or these terms from time to time at their discretion and without notice.
  9. By joining this fuel discount card program, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and any variation. You also agree to provide United with any changes to your contact details.

About United Petroleum

United Petroleum is a 100% Australian owned fuel company, with nearly 500 service stations across Australia supplying motorists with a full range of fuel options.

Reviewed 21 December 2023