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10% off, excluding mastectomy products & specials.
10% off, excluding mastectomy products & specials.

About Specialty Fittings

Nothing makes our day more than when a woman walks into our store and the first thing she says is “I hate bra shopping”. Always up for a challenge we just set about doing our job and offering the specialised fitting service we are known for, and smile broadly as they leave with a smile and singing praises for making them feel so great. Love It!! Over time we have definitely maintained the bones of the business, however, in listening to our customers we kept hearing “why can’t big girls have pretty bras?” So we sourced and introduced some new European brands such as Prima Donna, Elomi, Chantelle, Corin, Felina and Empriente, all of which with their premium fabrics, exquisite laces, finishing trims and attention to detail demonstrate that there is no reason a big girls bra can’t be beautiful, comfortable and supportive. So as we take this next big step into wide world web and share our store with you all there is just one last thing we need to share with you. You will notice as you look through our site that our bras are not available to purchase online, along with our mastectomy products. This is because as it is outlined in our name we do specialise in fitting your bra, and just as each person is different so too are bra styles and brands. There is no “one size fits all” so we will feature new colours and styles as they come in, and you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions or assistance. Hope you enjoy your visit to our online store and we look forward to meeting you when you come to visit us in Williamstown. P.S. Although we are known as a store for big girls, we do supply all sizes so no one misses out! ☺
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Reviewed 02 August 2023