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Get 10% off a new Automatic Garage Door Opener or Replacement Sectional Garage Door Springs.
RJ Garage Doors is thrilled to offer a new Seniors Card discount of 10% off a new Automatic Garage Door Opener or Garage Door Springs when presenting your Seniors Card. This applies to the following: - Only applicable Residential Door Systems - Seniors Card Discount is applicable to the following Automatic Garage Door Openers: o 4DR1 – Suitable for Roller Garage Doors o 4DS2 – Suitable for Domestic Sectional and Tilt Garage Doors o GA103 – Suitable for Domestic Sectional and Tilt Garage Doors o GA203 – Suitable for Domestic Tilt and Overhead Garage Doors - Installation of a new Automatic Garage Door Opener comes with basic service to the existing door system, warranty on the automatic opener, two coded handset remotes and a wall button for ease and convenience of use. o GA103 and GA203 include a 3rd handset that can act as a wall button. RJ Garage Doors do provide a cradle for the additional handset which can be mounted on the wall. - Seniors Card Discount for Springs is applicable to Australian Made Springs, including but limited to the following uses: o Sectional Garage Doors - Standard Terms & Conditions and Warranties Apply



About RJ Garage Doors

Our family business was established in 1976, and we’ve been working with garage doors, gates, commercial doors and automation for over 40 years. Working with all the very best products, we work across all of Melbourne and greater Victoria, so you can rest assured we’ll find the best solution to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on additionally offering custom solutions for garage door and gate systems to our customers, for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With our experience and knowledge of door and gate systems, we are able to offer you a wide range of products and solutions to suit your requirements as well as servicing, repairs and a 24/7 Emergency Afterhours Service. Join our family and contact RJ Garage Doors today. Whatever your need, day or night, We’re here for you.


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Reviewed 10 August 2022