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Nourish'd Meal Co.

10% discount off your order.
10% discount off your order.


About Nourish'd Meal Co.

Brisbane, 2014 – a local couple sit contemplating another Sunday lost to the bane of all healthy eaters – weekly food prep. A deceptively long process – between markets, butchers, and a trip to your local health food grocer; followed by hours spent in the kitchen trying to come up with new ways to make large batches of food that don’t all taste the same.‘Bugger it’ they thought, ‘we want our Sundays back!’ – and there began the search for a food delivery service that didn’t supply meals full of processed carbohydrates, added sugar, preservatives and ingredients they’d never even heard of. To their surprise, Google failed them. Nowhere in Brisbane could a time poor weekend warrior, a health conscious Mum, nor a gluten/lactose/grain free subscriber order fresh & healthy meals to be delivered each week. And thus the original brand, Caveman Kitchen, was brought to life. We've come really far over the years, and it seemed that the name and what we stood for didn't gel as well as we would like - and so, Nourish'd was born in March 2018!
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Reviewed 30 June 2023