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10% off a 4 class trial pass
10% off a 4 class trial pass. This will give you a good introduction to our ballet for seniors programs and classes.



About Movitanz Senior Swans

Senior Swans have developed a syllabus and teaching programs based on the Cecchetti method of ballet that enables seniors, even as complete beginners, to learn and enjoy ballet in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Our vision is to empower other teachers to take the success of these programs and replicate them in their local communities, making ballet for seniors more accessible to mature aged students across the globe. This will involve new business opportunities for dance studios and boost sustainability of jobs for teachers of dance. It is our goal to provide not only dance classes for Seniors, but also to encourage and support other dance studios and teachers to develop their skillset to be able to teach Seniors ballet and welcome them into their own dance communities. If you're a Senior looking for ballet classes, please see our list of licensed studios. If you're Dance Teacher or Studio Owner, please refer to our licence and workshop information for ballet for seniors.


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Reviewed 01 July 2024