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Moore than Swimming

50% off pool entry; 10% off swimwear, excluding 'Seabird' & specials.
50% off pool entry; 10% off swimwear, excluding 'Seabird' & specials.


11-13 Mason St, Wangaratta, VIC, 3677

About Moore than Swimming

We believe in the importance of swimming education from a young age, and the ongoing benefits of swimming throughout life. Our centre provides an ideal setting for people of all ages to learn to swim or simply maintain your fitness with regular exercise. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings of teaching children to swim in our backyard pool. Since opening the centre in 1998, with a pool designed specifically for learning, our focus has been on education. Our pool is salt water – with the temperature kept pleasantly warm, conducive to a learning environment. Healthy bodies and growing minds need to stay fuelled and hydrated. Whether you’re here for lessons, enjoying a swim with the family or staying fit with a few laps, our kiosk is always open with nourishing drinks and fresh snacks to refuel.
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Reviewed 02 August 2023