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H&S Modern Dentistry

25% OFF for Cleaning Package 10% OFF for other dental treatments
25% OFF for Check-up, Cleaning, Fluoride and Intraoral X-rays 10% OFF for other dental treatments: Filling, Denture, Tooth Extraction, Root Canal Therapy, Crown and Bridge.


About H&S Modern Dentistry

Welcome to H&S Modern Dentistry, your trusted dental clinic nestled in the heart of Blackburn. We're here to ensure your smile stays healthy and bright as you age. Our modern clinic offers everything from check-ups to advanced treatments such as denture, Crown, Root Canal Treatment, all with your comfort in mind. As a Seniors Card participating business, we are proud to extend exclusive discount offers to Seniors Card holders. We believe that affordable access to quality dental care is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being, and we are honoured to serve the senior community in Melbourne. Join us at H&S Modern Dentistry for personalized care and a smile that shines.


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Reviewed 03 July 2024