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10% off Chiropractic Treatment
Get 10% off Chiropractic Treatment

About Health Wise Chiropractic

By combining Chiropractic, Massage, Dry Needling, and Cupping, we can help you achieve a better Posture ✅ Claim your health insurance on the day with our HICAPS Machine- less hassle for you means more time to go do those stretches! ✅ $54 for a standard consultation (under recommended price set by Medicare) ✅ Booking Online 24-7 because life is hectic and you need flexibility! ✅$20 off your 12th visit - Who doesn’t love a rewards program ?!? ✅Chronic Pain/ Bad posture? Consider our wellness memberships that give you weekly or fortnightly care at over 20% discount- why live with pain when you can get relief? ✅NO GAP for Medicare, TAC, Workcover, or Department of Veteran Affairs patients- Amazing value ✅Sometimes an adjustment isn’t enough as we carry all that stress on our shoulders and a lot of anger from life’s ups and downs in the glutes. So we have sessions that last from 10 to 120 minutes which can include Dry needling, Hot Stone Massage, and Cupping ✅Over 50 hours of appointments available every week- With the two easy to get to locations, it's easy to get an appointment to suit your lifestyle (or work it around your Netflix binging)


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Reviewed 17 July 2024