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Gentle Body Balance

20% discount on standard consultation and treatment on presentation of the Seniors Card.
Are you struggling with pain, stress or muscle tension that stops you from doing something you enjoy? Bowen therapy can help. It is a gentle remedial technique that initiates the healing processes within the body. It gets people out of pain, improves flexibility, and is very effective for relaxation, and stress and anxiety relief. Bowen is very gentle and non-invasive and so great for pains, strains and injuries where you want to try a more gentle approach. We are offering 1 hour consultation and treatment to seniors at a reduced price with 20% discount. This offer is not applicable to the purchase of Maintenance packs.

About Gentle Body Balance

Bowen Therapy practice providing gentle holistic treatments for muscular and neurological pain relief, improved mobility, and stress release.


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Reviewed 19 May 2024