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Fresh Duct Cleaning

Fresh Duct Cleaning is now offering a 15% discount.
Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne offers a 15% discount for Fresh Duct Cleaning, Ducted Heating Unit Servicing, Central Heating System Cleaning. Get 6 Ducted Heating Cleaned for just $195 & 7 Duct cleaned for $225.

About Fresh Duct Cleaning

Fresh Duct Cleaning has been in business since 1995 and we are continuously improving our duct cleaning service. We are a team of 10 certified and professional duct cleaners and have over two thousand satisfied customers all over in Melbourne. 80% of our customers call us back every year for duct maintenance, central duct cleaning, Air conditioner serving & cleaning, ducted heating or cooling cleaning, ductwork servicing & repair, monoxide testing, retain vent repair and serving, etc.

Reviewed 08 June 2024