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10% off RRP for our Guide: My loved one has died, what do I do now?
The guide details each state of Australia and has been written in consultation with Greg Russo of Greg Russo Law Pty Ltd, a specialist in Wills and Estates Law in Victoria. Buy online and download; Link Just use the coupon code: "senior" at the checkout. If you cannot complete online transactions, please call Catherine Ashton on: 0419883443 to discuss alternate arrangements. We let you know what you can do yourself and when it would be best to consult a legal or financial professional. It is written in everyday language and is easy to understand.

About Critical Info

The goal of this guide is simple: to help ease the stress and uncertainty of dealing with estates and end-of-life arrangements. It will save you time, money and confusion. The guide covers the first hours, days, weeks and months after a loved one dies, stepping you through a prioritised list of tasks you will need to complete, from the funeral arrangements to finalising the estate.

Reviewed 09 July 2024