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15% off the total repair cost.
15% off the total repair cost.


Automotive Paintless Dent Repairs - minor parking dings, dents and creases removed from your bodywork without the need for time consuming and expensive visits to your local panelbeater. Our mobile service removes minor dents from the bodywork of your car (where your paintwork is not damaged) using specialist tools to 'turn back time' and make it look like the dents never happened, even a bodyshop cannot do this. We achieve this by massaging the dents out of the metalwork saving your paintwork and a potentially expensive and time consuming trip to a bodyshop. We cover the Metropolitan Melbourne area including NE, SE & Eastern Suburbs. 35 years experience as a trade qualified body technician and investment in the latest dent repair technology keeps us on the cutting edge, this means we are able to repair a wider range of damage to materials such as aluminium which is now no longer found in just European brands. Find us on Google and Facebook
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Reviewed 10 August 2022