It's not surprising that many older people say they want to stay living in their own homes for as long as possible, doing day-to-day tasks for themselves.

Assistive technologies are the devices, systems and designs that play a practical role in supporting independence and wellbeing.

They can help people to age positively by assisting with cleaning, work around the kitchen, meal preparation, bathroom and personal care, and a whole host of recreational activities.

Simple things like products to help open a jar or a bottle, turn on a tap or open a door are generally inexpensive and readily available online or from hardware stores and pharmacies.

Do you have difficulty with any of these activities at home?

If you are interested in equipment which may assist you in and around the home, you can contact your local council or community health centre for support or advice.

If you would like to find out more about assistive technologies and how they could help around the home, call the Independent Living Centres (ILC) or the Phone Enquiry Line on 1300 885 886. This service is staffed by qualified allied health professionals who can provide advice and supplier information on basic helpful devices through to specialist equipment available.