U3As for older Victorians

What is a U3A?

U3As provides low-cost learning to older people to encourage them to stay active and engaged, Australia wide.  There are also U3As around the world.  A U3A is an incorporated non-profit voluntary community organisation.

Starting in France some 40 years ago, U3A stands for University of the Third Age.  The Third Age refers to the age of active retirement.  It follows the Second Age of employment and the First Age of parental responsibility.

What happens at U3A?

Designed for retired or semi-retired people over 50, a U3A provides an opportunity for people to try something new, meet new people and share their knowledge and skills with others. There are more than 100 U3As in Victoria offering courses and activities to 39,000 members.  

Everyone is welcome

If you are retired or semi-retired you can join U3A.  We provide lots of different courses and activities. There are no entry requirements and no exams, just the joy of learning. Annual membership fees are kept low because U3As are run by volunteers.

Examples of activities U3As offer: Art; Computers; Crafts; Exercise, both outdoor and indoor; Health; History; Music; Science; Social events; Literature; Current Affairs; and Languages:Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish.

Some U3As offer classes online by video conference.


Contact these U3As

For a full list of U3A, visit the U3A contact page.

U3A Frankston

U3A Frankston is undertaking a sponsored project to teach unconnected members how to join the technological age. It involves the loan of a laptop with internet access and training via Dennis Mason, our former president and committee member, through the Be Connected program. For further information, email Andrea McCall.

U3A Cardinia

U3A Cardinia offers three courses online to members:;

  • Snap Happy Camera Club (currently running)
  • Book Club (starting first week in July 2020)
  • Computers for Beginners (starting first week of July 2020). 

For further information, email U3A Cardinia or call 5941 4164.

U3A Melbourne City

U3A Melbourne City is offering members 53 courses online and a series of webinars on contemporary issues (e.g. Societal Change in the Wake of COVID19) and specialist areas (e.g James Joyce and Ancient Egypt). For further information visit the U3A Melbourne City website or call 9639 5209

U3A Kooyong

Since 1992, u3a Kooyong has provided an opportunity for blind and vision impaired people to participate with sighted members in classes appropriate to their circumstances. Although our Monday Painting and Bridge classes attract only sighted members, all other classes such as Global Politics, History, Current Affairs, Living Things (science based), Italian Conversation, Music and a monthly Book Group attract both sighted and disabled members. u3a Kooyong appreciates the support of Vision  Australia to who it makes an annual donation in return for the use of its facilities.

For more information, visit the U3A Kooyong website.

Special Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined feature from U3A Ballarat

Andrew Parker of U3A Ballarat Hiking Club used to hike every week. Due to the lockdown, he could no longer partake in his favourite past-time. Instead he came up with the idea of a virtual bushwalk with a twist, and so The bushwalking band was born!

Watch the Bushwalking band in action

Contact U3A Network Victoria, the peak body for the 109 Member U3As representing 39,000 members statewide.

Email the U3A Network Victoria

Call (03) 9670 3659