The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has one of the most significant moving image collections in Australia. So why not browse the selection below and take a trip down memory lane today. 

Melbourne: Festival city

This Movie features Melbourne's Moomba festival in 1961. Watch as the city comes alive with processions, regattas, the Herald open air art show, music under the stars at the Myer Music Bowl, and the crowning of the Moomba Queen. The film also shows some of the Melbourne landscape and the background of daily life.


Nixon Family Home Movies

In the Nixon Family Home Movie Collection, film enthusiasts Les and Dorothy Nixon have captured life in suburban Geelong, Victoria from the 1960s to the 1980s. These films have been digitised without sound, you do not need to adjust your volume/


Sundays in Melbourne

An experiment in the creative use of colour visuals, natural sound and dialogue commentary, this film shows the loneliness of the aimless wanderers in the city streets contrasted with those who have companionship on their Sunday. (Award: Special Award for an Experimental Film in the Australian Film Awards, Melbourne Film Festival, 1958). Production Company: Melbourne Repertory Film Unit Production Company: State Film Centre of Victoria Directors: Gil Brealey & Paul Olson

The Begonia Festival

At the annual Begonia Festival 1962, Ballarat becomes a city of flowers, music, dancing and drama centred on the famous begonia display. Mr. Tom Beaumont, the curator of the glass house in the Botanic Gardens, tends the many blooms. He is a world authority on begonia culture. Highlights of the display are a thousand double blooms and six hundred distinctive single varieties. In the gardens we see a fine display of salvias, gladioli and dahlias. Young and old admire the wonderful colour and variety of the Botanic Gardens and also the open air art exhibition.



For more wonderful movies check out the ACMI Youtube channel