Connect with nature in the Virtual Garden

From slow walks and gardening tips to wellbeing activities, experience nature from the comfort of your home with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria’s Virtual Garden.

Woman in nature with an azalea bush

Explore Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria from the comfort of your home with Virtual Garden and experience wellbeing activities, including Harp Meditation and Forest Therapy in Melbourne Gardens' lush Fern Gully, discover expert gardening tips, ways to get creative in nature and glorious slow walks at Cranbourne Gardens.

Branch Out online

Experience the treasures of Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens with Branch Out online, created for the over 60s.

Craft something special with recycled gardening materials in a necklace making workshop, discover the wild-collected dry rainforest species growing in the Australian Forest Walk at Melbourne Gardens and go behind-the-scenes with experts in Australia’s rare and threatened orchids. Visit Branch Out online.


Give yourself permission to slow down and unwind in nature with a virtual wellbeing experience, including soothing Harp Meditation led by harpist and composer Michael Johnson. 

Take in some Forest Therapy in Melbourne Gardens’ lush and verdant Fern Gully. 

Gardening tips

Nature lovers rejoice! Hear from experts and discover the basics of planting and growing Eucalypts with expert advice from the Horticulture team at Cranbourne Gardens.

From advice on selecting the right species, to caring for your Eucalypts and transforming your garden into a habitat haven for native wildlife, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has tips and tricks to get your garden growing. 

Orchid flower close up

Unveil Orchids

Did you know 17% of Australia’s threatened plants are orchids? Take a virtual deep dive into the world of these precious beauties with orchid expert Dr Noushka Reiter and the Orchid Conservation Program team at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria's Cranbourne Gardens.

Get creative in nature

Art and the environment come together in the Virtual Garden’s Creativity in Nature experiences. Be immersed in sound and nature with Pleasure Garden, unfurl your creativity and connect to the natural world as you craft a beautiful journal with Nature Journalling, under instruction from award-winning author and illustrator Trace Balla, and more.

For more fantastic gardening tips, creative projects and wonderful garden experiences vist the Branch Out online website