Food for enjoyment and good health

Food is a wonderful way to connect with others - cooking together, going out for meals together, and celebrating special events at home with family and friends. It is also important for our health and well being. Indeed, taking charge of our own wellbeing and preparing nourishing food for ourselves as long as we are able is a great thing to do.

The Seniors celebrating good eating guide provides lots of ideas about food for enjoyment and good health. It is easy reading, and there's at least one idea for every reader. Aiming to improve consumption of fruit and vegetables, reduce the use of salt and saturated fats and promote the enjoyment of healthy foods, the guide features advice for seniors on:

  • Preparing healthy meals at home
  • Eating out
  • Growing your own food
  • Enjoying food with children
  • Making food shopping fun
  • Using your Seniors Card
  • Choosing foods to help sustain the environment

Supported by celebrity chef and award winning author, Elizabeth Chong, the guide includes anecdotes and tips from Elizabeth herself.

'Seniors Celebrating Good Eating' guide

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