Use the Switch On calculators and interactive house by selecting one of the links below. Find out how you can really take charge of your power bill and save money.

My Power Planner

Create your own household or small business ‘Power Profile’ and view your electricity usage patterns.

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Flexible Pricing Profiler

The option of flexible electricity pricing will introduce different price rates for different times of the day. Familiarise yourself with the new peak, shoulder and off-peak time period rates and see how shifting the time appliances are used could save money.

Access the Flexible Pricing profiler

Household Electricity Calculator

Just how much energy is your home using? Are you a saver or are there more ways you could lower your power bills? Take charge of your energy usage with the easy to use electricity calculator.

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Appliance Calculator

To see just how much your fridge and freezer, TVs, computers, clothes dryer and other appliances are costing you, try the Appliance Calculator . You can also compare the running costs of more energy efficient alternatives.

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Interactive energy-efficient house

While there are lots of simple ways to make a reduction in your energy costs - the most powerful way is to make your home more energy efficient. To discover firsthand how to improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce your power costs take the interactive energy-efficient house tour.

Access the Interactive energy-efficient house here

Compare gas offers

Use the Essential Services Commission’s Your Choice comparative tool to compare current gas offers.

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