• Image: Soldiers and their partners at a dance during World War Two, Text: weak heart, Depression years, hardship, World War Two, dancing, travel, independant, longevity, crochet and knitting

    Glad Williamson

    One of four children, it was the height of the Depression when she finished school at 14 but because of her ‘weak heart’, Glad was told she was not fit enough to take on paid work.

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  • Image: Someone playing the accordion, Text: American troops, Germany, World War Two, fear, accordion, cooking, power of music, cigarettes, Hollywood royalty

    Guenter Eck

    Fifteen-year-old Guenter was terrified when American troops invaded his hometown of Augsburg at the tail end of World War II.

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  • Image: Warracknabeal historic post office, Text: twin, Warracknabeal, secretarial studies, car accident, community, volunteer, communication, fish and chip night

    Gwenda Williams

    Gwenda and her twin brother never really knew their father. They were only two-and-a-half when he passed away from wounds sustained during World War I.

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  • Image: Irene's photo of their car and tent they lived in, Text: farming family, nine siblings, milked the cows, drought, lived in a tent, can-do attitude, sewing, ingenuity

    Irene McWhirter

    As the oldest girl of a farming family with ten children, Irene Macwhirter was in charge of her siblings when her mother was in hospital having babies.

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  • Image of an airplane with the words aviation history, volunteering, italian, air force cadets, boeing 727, 3 hour walk, friendship and respect, Essendon airport

    Alan Whatman

    With a life-long passion for aviation and a knack for absorbing information, Alan relishes the opportunity to share his knowledge with others.

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  • Image: Signpost that reads Help, Support, Advice and Guidance. Text: family of nine, married at 16, single mother, hardship, end to violence, advocacy, volunteer, counselling, community support

    Dawn Clark

    Dawn’s life story does not make for easy reading but, instead of dwelling on the bad, she is determined to use her life experiences to help children dealing with family violence.

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  • Image: a long road in the outback with a kangaroo crossing sign Text: lucky break, six children, prisoners of war, taxi driver, nullarbour plain, 10 tonne truck, diy, chimney sweep, lottery

    Ernie Fonte

    The way Ernie Fonte tells it, he has had more than a few lucky breaks over his 97 years, with the most important one being meeting his wife, Josephine, during a rainstorm when he was 18.

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  • Image: Jack's photo of him and the lads at the sawmill in around 1940, Text: bushfires, evacuation, sawmill, Murrindindi, timber worker, dairy farm, raising money, sharing knowledge

    Jack Eaton

    Jack still ponders how he and his family survived the 1939 bushfires that tore through Victoria and South Australia, killing 71 people and destroying two million hectares of land.

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  • Image: An ambulance from the 1940s, Text: World War Two, equal rights, Women's Auxiliary Training Corp, volunteer, ambulance driver, POW's, dressmaking, positive thinking

    Joyce Strawhorn

    As a teenage girl when World War II broke out, Joyce Strawhorn found it all terribly exciting.

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  • Image: Close up of a jug of flowers, Text: poetry, Latvia, art, World War Two, prison camp, fled to Germany, dressmaker, migrated to Australia, strong, paper flowers

    Anna Svalbe

    It’s hard to believe Anna Svalbe was born in 1919. The 102-year-old has more energy than most people half her age, bubbling with enthusiasm and creativity.

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  • Image: Old fashioned map of India, Text: Rudyard Kipling, Mother Teresa, Nagambie, North Melbourne Football Club, India, Sponsor, friendship, healthy living

    Garry Sutton

    When Garry was in primary school, he read a book that changed his life - Kim by Rudyard Kipling. The book sparked a love of India that has had a profound impact on Garry’s life.

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  • Image: A close up of a woman playing piano, Text: entertainment, piano, the love of music, Avenel, clothing factory, hard work, small town, community

    Mary Vearing

    On a Saturday night, after a hard week’s work on the farm, Mary and her husband John would pack up their young children and drive miles to entertain people at old time dances.

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  • Image: A large docked navy vessel, Text: World War Two, Kyneton, paramedic, The Navy, mine sweepers, community support, small town, honesty and respect

    Tim Collins

    In 1924, Tim was the first baby delivered at the now-heritage-listed Kyneton hospital and has kept his close connection with the country Victorian town ever since.

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