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A will is for your loved ones and yourself - Claudia's story

Claudia Hackman sits on chair and looks thoughtful

For most of us, writing our will is a task still sitting on our to-do list. But according to State Trustees, leading provider of wills, trusts and estate management services in Victoria since 1851, the consequences of leaving it too late can be easily avoided.

Claudia Hackman, 60 years of age, is an influencer, blogger and the face behind the blog ‘The Feminine View’. Through her blog, she invites women to join her in discovering and dissecting life beyond 50 while connecting with like-minded women, by sharing her own experiences on transition from her forties into her sixties.

As a passionate content creator and advocate for getting things done, Claudia realised she finally needed to take responsibility and write her will. Like many, she had put it off for long enough and wanted reassurance that, if she were to pass, her assets would be securely passed on to her daughter.

People often think, oh it will just automatically go to my family, in many cases this is true but can also be a lot more complicated than people realise. Over our lifetime we are creating our legacy, this goes beyond the house and bank accounts, it can be treasured photos, secret family recipes and even that now vintage dress you wore in the 90s. Claudia wanted to have a say on how her legacy will be shared, not leave it to chance by someone who doesn’t know her.

During her research she came across State Trustees – they provided her with an easy, simple and affordable will-writing experience.

State Trustees deliver vital services and expert support that improves their clients’ financial wellbeing and peace of mind, “this is so important to me, especially when it comes to my family. It’s something I take very seriously”, says Claudia.

“I do have to say that my experience through State Trustees was certainly very efficient and professional - the overall process was extremely straightforward and easy to understand.”

With an up-to-date will, Claudia now has comfort in the fact that her future wishes are recorded and stored safely – knowing this she can continue to do the things she loves like bush walking, tennis, swimming, skiing and traveling.

Register for their free webinarExternal Link on will-writing on 14 July at 2pm.

Visit the State Trustees websiteExternal Link for more details.

Reviewed 12 July 2022