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New website Seniors Advantage promises deals but deceives instead

The website Seniors Advantage offers deals for a membership fee that are available to the general public for free. Don't fall for them.


Here at the Seniors Card program we hear from seniors about the good, the bad, and the dodgie deals being offered to them through advertising online.

One concerning offer being advertised at the moment is called Seniors Advantage and wow what a dodgie deal that has turned out to be!

In December 2020, Choice did an investigation into these deceptive deals - and published some alarming issues.

Firstly the deals the Seniors Advantage website are offering are available to the general public, or some are trade deals which they don't have access to.

Secondly the chap they have a photo of which they say is their CEO - is actually a stock image photograph and therefore a fake CEO.

Thirdly they are an overseas company which should be adhering to Australian Consumer Law but seem to be in breach of it.

You can read the full Choice story on the Choice websiteExternal Link .

So what can you do to make sure you don't become a victim to one of these dodgie operators?

Well the ACCC website suggests you be wary of what is being offered. In the case of loyalty schemes - the ACCC says they 'don't exist just to reward you for your loyalty. If you join a loyalty scheme, the operator might end up knowing more about you than you want them to.'

They suggest you read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up to anything, and of you think you've been misled - you can report an issue through their consumer complaint pageExternal Link .

For more tips on loyalty schemes visit the ACCC website Loyalty scheme pageExternal Link .

Reviewed 21 December 2022