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New app provides even more ways to get active

Get Active Victoria are helping Victorians more a little more each day

Get Active Victoria app

The new Get Active Victoria app makes it easy to step into everyday activity. Access free workouts and tools to help move your body a little bit more, every day.

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic. Set your own goals and track your progress along the way.

You can find quick 10-minute workouts guided by professional instructors to help you find your feet. Whether you are starting out, time poor, returning from injury, or easing back into physical movement, there is range of levels to try. Forget the fancy gear and expensive equipment, all you need is yourself. Choose the right level for you and go at your own pace!

If you prefer being active outdoors, then explore Places and find trails, parks, playgrounds, exercise stations.

Choose your activity goal: choose how many minutes you want to be active each day. See your results at a glance and monitor how you’re going against your goal.

Get Active Victoria app

Inside the app:

  • Track activity on the go: use the Timer to track your minutes of activity. Record how much time you spend moving, not your steps or distance. Track more than ‘exercise’, think gardening or washing the car. All activity can be added to your dashboard.
  • Free activities: try yoga, dance, Pilates, strength, cardio, low impact, stretching + more. Discover options for beginners and a range of challenges and games to test yourself and your friends. • Build your own weekly plan: plan ahead and prioritise 'me time'. Use the Planner to schedule the free workouts.
  • Explore local places: find trails, parks, playgrounds, exercise stations and skate parks.
  • Teams: get active with an online team and work towards a shared goal. Team up for support and connect and compare results.

Work towards 30 minutes of activity every day with the Get Active Victoria appExternal Link . It’s free and best of all there are no ads!
Find out more at the Get Active Victoria websiteExternal Link

Other ways to get active

Read our top tips to get in shape.External Link

Ask your local council for information on their leisure and fitness programs - and remember to ask if they give a Seniors Card discount

Join a U3A - fitness classes are available at a lot of U3A. Read more about U3AExternal Link .

Reviewed 01 March 2023