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Improving ventilation to stay COVIDSafe at home

One of the easiest ways we can stay COVIDSafe at home is to improve the ventilation, or air flow, in our homes.


One of the easiest ways we can stay COVIDSafe at home is to improve the ventilation, or air flow, in our homes.

As we welcome people into our homes, it is important to stay COVIDSafe. Whether it’s family, friends or a tradesperson, there are simple steps we can take to help keep COVID-19 at bay.

Why is ventilation important?

COVID-19 is an airborne virus - it can spread by larger particles called droplets (for example, when you sneeze or cough) and smaller particles called aerosols.

Aerosol particles are very light and stay suspended in the air until air flow disperses. This is why your chance of COVID-19 infection reduces in well ventilated areas.

According to the Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton, “Improving indoor air flow can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in your home or workplace. Some of the best methods are easy and low-cost.”

How can I improve the air flow in my home?

Bring as much fresh air into your home as you can. This prevents COVID-19 virus particles from accumulating inside.

  • If it’s safe, open doors and windows to bring outdoor air into your home. While it’s better to open windows as wide as possible, even having a window open slightly can help.
  • Open multiple doors to allow more fresh air to move through your home. Leave doors open in hallways and corridors.
  • Do not open windows and doors if it unsafe for you or others (for example, young children, pets, risk of falling, triggering asthma symptoms, or if there is bushfire smoke).
  • Fans can improve air flow in your home even without an open window. Turn ceiling fans on a low setting or use a pedestal fan in ‘swing’ mode to help air circulate.

Finally, one of Professor Sutton’s best tips for staying COVIDSafe at home is to “live an outdoors life”. When having family or friends visit your home, limit the time you spend together inside. Move gatherings outdoors where possible and encourage visitors to join you on your verandah, patio or in your backyard.

Remember, ventilation can be part of a plan to protect yourself and your family when used along with other COVIDSafe behaviours such as hand washing, physical distancingExternal Link and wearing masksExternal Link .

Visit the Staying safeExternal Link webpage for more tips on how to stop the spread of COVID-19 at home.

Reviewed 19 July 2022