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Fraud alert

Don't be fooled by imitation websites, come to Seniors Online to apply for a card, replace a card and update your details. The Seniors Card is always free on Seniors Online.

Fraud Alert image showing fraudulent Seniors Card website

Be aware of fraud.

From time to time, private companies seeking to profit from unknowing people set up websites to charge people for Seniors cards!

They gather your details and enter them into Seniors Online, and charge you a fee to do so.

They advertise using key words so they appear at the top of search engine searches.

They claim to be helping – but the information you input is the same as the information you would input on our site – so they are not really providing any service at all.

Keep your money in your pocket

Be aware that the Seniors Card is always free.

Be aware that these websites are trying to take advantage of you, and be aware that if have paid them money we cannot refund you.

The Seniors card is always free for new applicants, people updating addresses, and people ordering a replacement card – if you apply on Seniors Online.

Don't be fooled – always come straight to the Seniors Online website and get your card in minutes - using our easy to use webforms. Or accessible from the Seniors Card section of this site.

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Reviewed 28 December 2022