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2023 Victorian Seniors Festival

The 2023 Victorian Seniors Festival booklet was released in September 2023.

This year we've changed things so that the booklet covers all the important information about the festival including an overview of the festival, and where to find out more information through this website and also with your local council. It also covers the detials of the free public transport and in the back it has a calendar with a taste of the events on offer this year.

Your local library can help you get onto the online calendar so you can search for events in your local area. Or you can view major events happening in metropolitan Melbourne.

The search functionality of the event calendar is fantastic and you can search by event type, event name or within a radius of 10km, 20km, 50km and 100km of a location. So you can take a trip to an event in a neighbouring area or into metropolitan Melbourne.

We're being more sustainable this year by producing a smaller booklet and we hope you'll check out the events near you – as there is so much on offer and the 1,100 events in the online calendar are only part of the story.

Find your local council details through our council contacts page.External Link

Read more about the free public transport.External Link

If you need information in another language – visit our Translations page.External Link

Learn. Love. Live this Seniors Festival!

Reviewed 26 April 2024