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Congratulations to all the winners

Congratulations to all our winners from the Ageing Well Survey prize draws


Congratulations to all our winners who have picked up some great prizes.

9 to 5 the musical

Judy Casemore

Roslyn Bedford

Wayne Granger

Laura Brown

Simon Avery

Jane Davidson

Jennifer Cambridge

Michael Kwong

Dianne Smith

V Gallagher

Ottavia Dibenedetto

Christopher Conway

Monique Anderson

Michael Stella

Anna Sedek

Peninsula Hot Springs

John Blomfield

Peter Gostelow

Karen Meeking

Henry Nusbaum

Dawn Clavin

Denise Wood

Ian Deacon

Mary Mc Cance

Frederick Martyn

Brenda Harris

Julia Margetts

Museums Victoria

Kathryn Burt

Robyn Chamberlain

Reviewed 18 August 2022